Garlic Forte Capsules

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Supplement to help proper functioning of the immune system.


Dietary supplement, 30 capsules

Application: take 1 capsule daily, drinking plenty of water

Combine the use of Garlic Forte with Immunavita.

Both supplements complement their action: Garlic Forte provides ingredients with antiviral properties and antimicrobial, while Immunavita is a rich source of natural vitamin C necessary for proper functioning of the immune system. Together they create a strong duo with only one goal: to help you successfully defend yourself against infections!

Valued for supporting the immune system in 3 broad spectrum areas of antimicrobial: fights both viruses, as well as bacteria, fungi, protozoa and yeast has an antioxidant effect, protecting the body's cells against the action of free radicals.

Has antiviral activity helps to prevent viral infections, upper respiratory tract and shortens their course, traditionally used as a natural antibiotic - inhibits the growth of bacteria.

In search of ingredients that will help us deal with viruses and bacteria, we look towards nature.

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